Baby No 2, Birth, Jenson

Ladies (and Gentleman), I Have Arrived…

All the way through my pregnancy I had spoken to bump and told him if he wanted to come early it was no problem but he had to avoid the 10th December as that is my mums birthday and I wanted him to have his own and not share. It was the weekend of 8th and 9th of December and we were in the middle of packing our house to move, getting ready for Christmas and awaiting on baby boy. On the Saturday we had bobbed across to my mums to drop her birthday cards off but she wasn’t home so we decided to go for some lunch via our new house so we could see the progress with it being a new build. For lunch we decided on Nandos as it’s one of Paige’s favourites, we then called into the supermarket for Sunday roast supplies. I had felt fine all day, no unusual aches or pains, nothing to show signs that our boy was going to be on his way soon. We had made plans with Matts parents for the Sunday, I was hoping for a lie in but didn’t manage anything beyond half past eight as I was told to get up, bacon sandwiches were on their way. 

Matt and his Dad spent the morning and early afternoon in the garage having a bit of a clear out and a few tip trips ready for when we had to move out very shortly into the new year. My day was also supposed to be productive but I was so tired I spent most of it sat on the sofa, chatting to Matts mum and drinking cups of tea. I did have a lovely cuddle with Paige while she had her nap on my knee, something that was few and far between with me having a giant bump and less lap for her to snuggle on. 

Around 3pm we started to get ready to set off down to Newmillerdam for a winter walk. We were all wrapped and snug in hats and scarves and Paige managed to walk a little bit of it too but it soon started to get dark so in the pushchair she went so we could make it round before it got too dark. Just before we got to the end of the walk I could feel my bump was very heavy and feeling uncomfortable but we hadn’t done much walking, where with Paige we were walking right up to having her, she was a summer baby though and we were having a heat wave so it was nice to get out. 

Finally at the end, pub insight! Three pints of ale, a pint of orange juice, a fruit shoot and five bags of crisps. Around five minutes after sitting down I felt my first contraction, or at least that’s what I assumed it was. Because I was induced with Paige I wasn’t sure if it was just pains because we had walked a fair way. I never actually said anything while we in the pub as I didn’t want to get anyones hope up if it wasn’t the real deal. Turns out it was. When we got back into the car to drive home I told Matt that I though they were real contractions but they were nowhere near close enough together to start worrying just yet. Paige had her tea and bath ready for bed while Matt was preparing Sunday dinner, I supervised both as my contractions were getting stronger and closer together. We put Paige to bed and sat down to dinner round about eight thirty, I had been desperate for a Sunday roast for weeks and I wasn’t going to let being in labour stop that. This Sunday night was the I’m a Celeb final, so the four of us got cozy on the sofa after clearing the kitchen, the contractions were picking up in frequency and intensity so around half nine I rang the hospital to ask for advise on whether we should be getting ready to go to the hospital or what the best thing to do was. The midwife on the end of the phone told me to take some paracetamol, have a warm bath and try to relax as that could help speed things up slightly. I felt a little fobbed off as I thought they would have asked me to go straight into hospital to be examined, but I did as I was told and took two paracetamol. I was adamant though that I was watching the jungle final so Matt had a shower to wash the day away and I got in the bath after seeing Harry crowned King. Matts parents were still with us at this point and they had decided that they would go home and collect some bits so they could stay over with Paige and not worry about what time we would be leaving the house as by this point I think we all knew that our baby boy would be arriving anytime. 

I couldn’t relax properly in the bath but I started timing the contractions as best I could and about an hour and half after being in the bath I text Matt to come and help me get out as the contractions were getting so they were almost unbearable. It then took me 45minutes to get dried and dressed, the contractions were coming thick and fast and I felt quite scared as first time round when they were that bad I was already at the hospital being looked after. I finally managed to ring the hospital again and the midwife agreed that we were to straight in this time. That was the longest car journey I think I’ve ever had to endure. From our house the hospital is only 4.5miles away and we went on the motorway but I could not wait to get out of the car. 

When we finally made it to the birthing suite the birthing pool was ready waiting for me but they had asked me not the get in until I had been examined. This took half an hour of waiting and when someone did come it wasn’t the midwife who was going to be looking after me. When I had been examined I was disappointed, I was only 5cm. I felt like I should have been further along with the amount of pain I had been in. Despite this she told me I would be staying and I could get in the pool. Hurrah!! I waited for Matt to go back to the car for our bags before getting in though just to be on the safe side. After this everything turns into a blur but I do remember the midwife coming in and introducing herself, and asking if I thought my waters had gone. I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t felt anything but (TMI) she could see floating bits in the water. What felt like not long after she asked if I’d like some gas and air, “YES!!!”. I manage one suck on it and said to her that I felt like I needed to push. She told me to follow my body but it was too late my body was already pushing, at the same time I noticed the time and it had only been an hour ago that I was 5cm and in the back of my mind thought it was too soon so that first push was only half a push as I tried to stop my body but the next push and baby boys head was delivered, one more and our baby boy was placed on my chest. Welcome to the world Jenson Caleb Matthew Morgan, 10th December 2018, 02:38.


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