Baby No 2

Hospital Bag, Second Time Round

Time is quickly ticking on, I need to get my backside in gear and get our hospital bags packed. We’ve just come home from our holiday at Centre Parcs where I’ve celebrated my birthday and have been bought a lovely foldable tote bag which I thought would be perfect for taking to the hospital, we also have some small cabin sized suitcases which upon using last time were a perfect size to take too. 

I started by writing a list of things that I knew I needed from using them last time, I also wrote a list for baby and lastly a list for Paige as she would be needing to stay with someone overnight or however long I was in the hospital for. 

I thought writing my lists for the second time, being experienced in packing a hospital bag that it would be easy. How wrong was I? I did keep using my old hospital blog post for inspiration and to see what I’d said I wanted to take extra and what we never used but as Paige was a planned induction we had been told to pack plenty as we may have been in hospital all week. This time however, I was being left to go into labour naturally and I felt I had no idea how much stuff to take. I kept adding things to my list, then crossing them off again, looking on Pinterest and watching videos on YouTube for at least two weeks before making a decision to actually start buying and packing things in any bag. I had decided to use the new tote for the baby stuff as it was a perfect size and a small case for my stuff, this way we had room in both bags but at the same time if I asked Matt for something he knew which bag it would be in. When I packed baby’s first outfit I packed it into a ziplock sandwich bag and wrote on the front that these were the babies first clothes, as, same again, I could ask Matt for his first outfit and it was easy to hand without getting everything out of the bag to search for all the items. In my bag I packed things very similar, I took two wash bags, one had mini wash things in and the other had breast pads and tissues. 

I plan to do another more detailed post on what I took with photos but that may be a while in the writing as unsuspectingly half way through writing it and taking the photos, I went into labour and our little man made his appearance, so I can now write what was of use and what actually never got used. 

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