Baby No 2

Pink or Blue, Either Will Do

The day has finally arrived! We find out if we are team pink (again) or team blue. We really don’t mind either way as Paige to have a little sister would be amazing but it would be equally as amazing for us to have a boy.

Our appointment is at 12pm in Leeds, so on the way we drop Paige off with Matts mum and dad. She’s too young to understand what’s going on and it gives us time to concentrate when we get to the clinic. 

The weather is so different to the last time we pulled up outside, with Paige our scan was in February, it was pouring rain and cold. This time it’s June, we are in the middle of a heat wave and it’s so stifling hot it’s almost unbearable. 

Once we’re inside, we fill all the paperwork in and get taken straight through to the scan room where they get me to lay on the bed. After a few minutes the image of our baby comes up on the big screen infant of us. It’s amazing and I can’t believe how much baby has grown in the last four weeks since our 12 week scan. The sonographer does the necessary checks as part of the scan then says she is going to concentrate on seeing the gender but our little monkey has other ideas. They won’t open their legs and is moving all over the place. We had chosen to buy a heartbeat bear in the correct gender colour, which we did for Paige too, so we get the heartbeat for that first instead.

When she goes back to looking for baby gender it takes her a few minutes then she eventually says she’s found it. She types up on the screen “It’s a Boy”. I immediately start crying, I can’t believe we are going to have a girl and a boy! Once I’d calmed down a little we were shown his boy bits and had it explained to us the difference between distinguishing the difference between a girl and a boy at this stage. We could see the difference as we’d been looking at Paige’s gender scan pictures the night before. 

When the scan had been finished we went to choose our pictures and our blue heart beat bear. All the way back to collect Paige I couldn’t stop smiling, it was a very surreal feeling and knowing that we would have a girl and a boy made me feel very lucky. 

We had bought a black balloon and confetti in both pink and blue to do our gender reveal so when we got  back to matt’s parents we organised that so they could record our gender reveal for us. In the end it didn’t turn out great as we couldn’t inflate the balloon properly but it didn’t matter as we got the desired effect.  

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