Paige is One

Our house has been a little hectic since finding out about our second bundle in April, but even though little late I couldn’t let Paige’s first birthday pass without a little update on her. So she is now 13months old and has again changed so much in such a little time.

Her vocabulary is coming on leaps and bounds and she can say so many new words. A few she has learnt in the past couple of months are chocolate, yogurt, sock and cheese. There are a few other words she is also trying to master but hasn’t quite gotten there yet. 

Around two weeks after her birthday she started walking on her own. On the 18th June she took her very first unaided steps, four steps from me to her daddy and after then it was working on her confidence and balance to get her to where she wanted to be. Now there is no stopping her.

Her eating is still great and will eat almost anything. She isn’t too keen on fruit but will happily have it in a pouch so we have started doing her porridge with half a pouch of fruit and then she has the rest after if she is still hungry. We also changed her onto full fat cows milk on her birthday and she loves it. We ran out of formula the night before her birthday and thought it a waste of money to buy another tub for two bottles a day. She now only has one bottle on an evening for bed and a cup with breakfast. I may give her a cup in the afternoon but mainly try and give her plenty of other dairy during the day so she doesn’t fill up too much on milk, hence why she can say yogurt and cheese. 

We are now down to one nap a day, often around two hours. Depending how our day is going to play out, she will go down around 11am and as soon as she wakes up have lunch but occasionally, if an early nap doesn’t look likely, she will have lunch at 11:30am and go down for a nap after. This in turn means she has an earlier bedtime of around 6:30pm-7pm and after months of co-sleeping and sleepless nights, we now have a fantastic sleeper who can sleep for 12hours. 

Paige now has four teeth, her two front bottom ones and her top two canines. She is currently working on quite a few more, last time she let me look, there were three that were about to cut through with a couple very close behind. The two that seem to be bothering her the most are the front top two, meaning we’ve had some very upset, clingy days but generally these days are minimal. She also asks for her toothbrush if she is in the bath on an evening which is great as I didn’t want her to be scared of it or not want us to brush her teeth. 

She got loads of new toys for her birthday and like I said in her six month update, the way she plays now is so different. It is constantly changing and now you can really see her using her imagination but also mimics everyday activities such as making a cup of tea or playing with her shop. 

By the time we get to Paige’s next big milestone of 18months she will have been a big sister for around six weeks. We are very excited for what is yet to come and I can’t wait to see our baby girl become a big sister as I think she will adapt to the change in our family amazingly.

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