Paige is Nine Months Old

As it’s been a while I thought I would give you a little update on Paige and the new things she has learnt and discovered in the last couple of months.

She has now learnt how to sofa surf and is doing brilliantly. We have a large U-shaped sofa and she is like lightening getting from one side to the other. She also walks holding onto hands, we haven’t quite mastered one handed yet but she is getting there. She been doing that great with walking we took her to Clarks to get her feet measured and buy her pair of shoes. We got her a pair of the very soft sole ones called Doodles. It took her a little while to get used to them but again is now doing brilliantly walking in them. 

Since then she has learnt how to crawl. I never thought she was going to entertain crawling as she was doing amazing as walking with so much confidence but one day she just decided she was going to do it. It started off as an army crawl, laid on the floor dragging herself but now she’s up on her knees and doing it properly. Her new favourites place to be is in the kitchen, pulling herself up with the bottom step. She has given me so many heart attacks disappearing, then I just see her little head poke round the door. 

She is still very chatty and had learnt a few new words. She can say “hidey” when we play peek-a-boo, “up” if she wants picking up and what sounds like “I did it” if she does something by herself. It feels so rewarding that we can have a little conversation and although they aren’t actual words, we can understand each other. 

We have also been going to a baby sign language class and she has learnt how to use a couple of the signs so we can also communicate in that way. She understands the sign for milk, which is a huge help in the middle of a meltdown, I can ask if that’s what she wants and understand the reaction. She has also learnt how to tell me that she has finished when eating, also another useful sign to stop her having a meltdown. Another new one she has just learnt is the sign for koala. One of the songs we learnt is about meeting a koala and this is by far her favourite, she loves singing it at home too.

Weaning is still going great, we have now moved on the stage three purees or the majority of the time baby led weaning. It works for us to do a combination and also means that if we are short on time we have an emergency stash of pouches in the cupboard. It also helps to send these with her when she has days with Grandparents and they don’t have to worry about what they can or can’t give her. She also loves a snack of either a fruit pouch, a biscuit or more recently in the hot weather an ice cream! These are obviously only given as a treat and definitely not everyday. 

We have just one solitary tooth too. It took around a week to poke through her gum from the first bump and it was the longest week ever as she became so clingy and was sleeping rubbish at night. The tooth to the side of this one is now trying to come through and the top two front ones are causing her pain and to be very grouchy so we have our fingers crossed that they are here very soon. 

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