Paige is 6 Months Old

Wow, where on earth have those 6 months gone? She’s gone from a (not so) tiny baby to a little independent lady who knows exactly what she wants.

She can now sit up unaided, although she does still have a little wobble every now and again. It happened almost overnight, from putting her down and having to hold the top of her legs or putting her in a rubber ring she bought with her Christmas money to actually sitting on the floor by herself. She bought herself the ring as it is more of a support than something to hold her up, for her to learn how to balance and it did the trick. The one we chose was the Red Kite brand from Asda and it was £15.

She is also eating “proper” food and doing brilliantly, also drinking water from a big girl cup! We were recommended to wean her early as she had reflux, so we started with baby rice or first taste purée At around five and half months we moved on to textured purée as she was more than ready and at exactly six months started offering her finger foods and baby led weaning meals. She likes a whole range of things already in the two weeks we have been doing BLW and only a couple of bad gagging incidents that she managed to rectify herself. She has a couple of cups that she likes but the two main ones that we use are the Munchkin 360 that is spoutless and a Nuby cup with a straw. She mastered both in a couple of days and now loves to drink water from either, or the odd occasion she has baby juice as a treat.

She is still wearing 3-6 month clothes in the most part but has worn a few of her 6-9 month outfits. Baby clothing sizing is as bad as the adult sizing, it really depends where the clothes come from and the style of clothes too, as to how they fit. We can see she is growing so are not worried that she hasn’t outgrown 3-6 yet. She also moved up to size four nappies as we had a few leaky size 3 episodes.

She is very vocal now too, practicing making sounds with her voice and she is also using her tongue to form different sounds, the most recent being “ich” like the German word!! She has also learnt how to say Dada, but we don’t think she yet associates it with calling for Daddy yet but we keep using it in that context rather than just as a noise so it wont be long before she is shouting Dada and wanting him to be there.

It was obviously Paiges first Christmas in December too and she got loads of toys which she plays with so differently now to when she first got them. She takes more notice of how things are working now and pressing buttons on toys that she would only watch before.

Its been great to watch her become her own little personality over the last few weeks in particular, she makes all the hard work worthwhile, as soon as she smiles or laughs, all is forgiven.

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