Pregnancy Review

When I originally thought about doing a review, it was solely going to be about things that I bought to help me through my pregnancy but in all honesty I only bought a couple of items to see me through. I’m going to review these first then I’ll review a couple of the things that helped us out in the first few weeks with our little pud at home.

Pregnancy pillow

I’d started off sleeping with an ordinary pillow under my bump but that didn’t work for very long, so on a shopping trip I bought the Mothercare sleep plus body pillow when I was around 17 Weeks pregnant and sleeping had become so uncomfortable that I had to do something about it. I chose this one mainly because it was relatively cheap at £25 as it was in the sale, knowing that it was only going to be used for a short while I didn’t want to spend a fortune. It was a long straight pillow that was divided into three smaller pillows so it could be placed however you liked in bed to make yourself comfortable. I thought this was a really good feature of it as some of the fixed shape ones you wouldn’t have been able to do that with. I slept with the small top pillow under my chin and chest, the middle pillow under my bump and the long pillow between my knees. Another good feature was that the inner pillows came out and the cover was washable, handy if you are sleeping with it every night. The packaging it came in had a carry handle for taking it with you if had any nights away from home but I used to throw it on the back seat of our car but it is not washed and stored back in its original packaging to use next time we decide to have a baby. Matt and I joked that it had become a third person in our marriage and even gave it a name but in all honesty would not have been without it at all. I didn’t manage to take a photo before it got packed away but click on the title and it takes you to the webpage.

Comfy slip on shoes

This one might seem like a silly thing to put on this review as it’s not a specific pregnancy item but I would have been lost without my black slip-on pumps. I always wear my Ugg boots in winter to keep my feet warm, which was ok for the start of my pregnancy but the further along I got the harder it was to bend down to pull them on, this was also the case for my converse trainers because they needed laces fastening. As Paige was a summer baby (due in July) I knew I had to buy something to wear on my feet. I just bought a pair of £10 black slip-on pumps from Asda as, like the pregnancy pillow, I knew once the summer was over I would go back to wearing my Uggs.       We have a long shoe horn at home and this made slipping the pumps on so much easier but they could just as easily be slipped on without. As soon as Paige arrived I went back to wearing my converse but also could start wearing my Birkenstock flip flops as the swelling in my feet reduced. Next pregnancy, something similar is going to be my first purchase.

Maternity Clothing

Through my whole pregnancy I only had two pairs of maternity trousers. One pair of H&M leggings that were a Christmas gift from Matt (I’d asked for these) and a pair of Mothercare Jeans. Both of these were over the bump as I though that I would be comfier with them higher up. These were both extremely comfortable and lasted me till the very end of my pregnancy, I even wore my jeans to the hospital when we went in. I personally didn’t need any more as I was working full time till I was 31 weeks and then I bought a cheap pair of joggers to wear if I wasn’t going out and more often than not I wore my pyjama bottoms. The jeans were smart enough to wear as going out jeans or casual enough to wear with a t-shirt as a casual outfit. The leggings were as normal stretchy leggings with the extra tummy panel. Being on the larger side pre-pregnancy at a size 18 clothing size, I bought a size 18 jeans and a large leggings and the sizes were spot on, they fit brilliantly. Later in my pregnancy I bought a pair of jeans from H&M also in a size 18 but these were far too small, I couldn’t get them passed my thighs.

For tops and t-shirts I simply went to Primark and bought an armful of stretchy items and also bought some shirts in a size 18 that I could use when Paige had arrived and just wore them open with a vest or t-shirt underneath. I also carried on wearing some of the things that I already had in my wardrobe that I was particularly bothered about becoming stretched. I luckily didn’t need to buy a winter coat either as I didn’t start showing/ growing properly until the worst of the weather had passed by which point I could just wear a thick cardigan or a jumper and be warm enough.

Tommee Tippee Flask9tPFh2lwTiKmsAMCw0ZSIw

I purchased this from amazon as again it was on offer when I was looking. I wanted to breastfeed but my plan later on was to express and freeze so though this would come in handy to warm bottles up while we were out and about. This flask has become invaluable in the time we have been using it. With freshly boiled water from the kettle you can either warm a ready made bottle or make a fresh bottle using formula powder. It holds 500ml and when we have been out have managed to warm 2 ready made bottles with this amount of water and I suppose depending on how much formula your baby drinks and their age, you could make at least 2 fresh bottles. It has an outer plastic container for the water to warm the bottle and the lid on the inner flask has a button that can be depressed to open the lid without unscrewing the whole top.

Ewan the Dream SheepIMG_3702

We were bought our Ewan as a gift when Paige was first born and she took to it straight away, settling off to sleep when we played him. He is a white noise machine, in the shape of a sheep. He plays four different sounds with the buttons being in each of his legs, he also glows red when playing. The white noise plays for 20minutes then switches off, which in the early weeks was long enough for Paige to fall asleep, now we have to play him a couple of times till she drifts off. He takes three AAA Batteries and on the battery housing has three switches, one for volume, one to turn the light on and off and another to put him into shop ‘try me’ mode. We have ours on the loud setting but he isn’t all that loud. He also has a velcro tail so he can be attached to the side of the crib or cot and not get tangled up with little ones. Ours sits inside the handle of Paige Moses basket velcro’d to the handle so he doesn’t fall in. I don’t think this would have been something that we would have bought ourselves but now we have him, we wouldn’t be without him. On the limited number of nights we’ve had away from home we have made sure that he has come with us.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy bin

This was something that we bought on a whim in the baby event at Asda. It was ending so most of the products had been massively reduced, including this one. I thought it would be a great idea as I wanted to change Paige’s nappies up in her bedroom where we had her changing table and thought I wouldn’t have to run outside to the bin every time I changed her. It works by wrapping the dirty nappy in a plastic bag that is in a cassette and sits just in the lid. You drop in the nappy, twist the little handle then close the lid, which is fashioned so it pushes the nappy down into the bin underneath. The idea of changing her upstairs soon disappeared as we found it much easier to change her downstairs during the day so we left the nappy bin downstairs and just changed her upstairs when we put her in the bath or if she woke during the night for a bottle. I’ve included a link to the website as I’m rubbish at remembering to take photos 🙂


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