It’s a…

Time was slowly creeping by. We had our 16 week midwife appointment and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, that was incredible to say that I was growing and keeping our baby healthy as everything sounded great.


We decided on nursery furniture and that we would decorateIMG_3166 the nursery in a neutral colour so it could be easily adaptable for a boy or a girl. We chose a light grey as the furniture was a cream colour, we already had wood floor in there and decided to keep it as it could be quite practical for mopping up after a baby. Matt surprised me one weekend, he took me to work and when he came and collected me he had painted all the walls. It looked fab and I loved the colour we had chosen and I could see either pink or blue accessories in there to make it our babies bedroom. Over the evenings of that week Matt built the furniture too.

Our letter for our 20 week scan had arrived so we started to discuss if we wanted to find out if we were having a boy or a girl and I wasn’t that bothered, I was just happy that we were having a baby and it would be a lovely surprise when it did arrive. Matt on the other hand was desperate to find out. He wanted to prepare, get items in the correct colour and go clothes shopping for our little pud (as baby had become known) so he managed to twist my arm into finding out.

We went out for dinner with Matts parents one evening as they were going on holiday and while we were out Matt booked us a private early gender scan that would tell us a few weeks earlier than our 20 week hospital scan. IMG_3169

When the day arrived we were both excited, I thought we were having a boy and we had already picked a boys name. We planned our day, as the scan was in the afternoon we had decided to have a lazy morning, it was Sunday after all, go have our scan and then nip to Costco on our way home. When we got to our scan I had some paperwork to fill in and then we were called through to the room. It was lovely, there were a couple of big screens on the wall and a sofa for guests to sit on, it felt very relaxing. I laid back on the bed while the sonographer asked a couple of questions.

Matt was sat beside me and we were holding hands, there was so much excited tension it was unbelievable. The sonographer was struggling to see what our little pud was, I was still convinced it was a boy, as it was a very wiggly baby.IMG_3171She then all of a sudden said “Yep, I’ve seen it! I know what your baby it!” She then wrote across the picture on the big screens “ITS A GIRL!!!!”

I started crying, we knew what our baby was going to be. After getting cleaned up we headed back into the reception area to choose the photos of our little girl. We also chose a pink bear with her heartbeat in.

When we got back in the car I googled what time Mothercare at Crown Point in Leeds closed and asked Matt if we could go there instead of going to Costco. He agreed!! We had an absolute mad dash round picking up loads of pink and girly things. I was in my element and Matt enjoyed picking things out too.

We wanted to tell Matts parents the gender of the baby first, more so as they were still on holiday and didn’t want anyone to spoil the surprise for them by posting something on social media, so we invited them for dinner the day they got home from their holiday.IMG_3187 Matt and I had agreed that we were going to give them the pack of photos from our scan as they had written on them that it was a girl and let them read it for themselves. We also asked them if they would help us do our gender reveal photo. It took for us to point out the writing on the photos for them to understand what we were showing them but they were over the moon when they figured it out and Matts mum had a tear or two. We got on with trying to figure out how to do our gender reveal, I had bought a white t-shirt and some pink paint and was going to put Matts hands in the paint then them on my belly leaving hand prints behind. It worked really well and I loved how it looked. I then had the idea that we could frame the t-shirt and hang it on the nursery wall. It still hasn’t made it there yet!B19DEE6E-C079-41AE-9B74-54C72F1DBC85

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