Hello In There

Both Christmas and New Year were finally out of the way and the day of our first scan had arrived. It was a Thursday, I was so excited I couldn’t think about anything else but I had to go to work for a few hours before. Those couple of hours dragged by so slowly and all I could think about was getting home so we could go to the hospital.

When the time arrived and I could finally go home I was fit to explode! I got in and changed out of my uniform and cracked on with drinking the pint of water that it said I needed to drink in the letter I’d received with my appointment time on. Matt made it home not long after me and we set off. We had to travel to Dewsbury Hospital as that was the only place we could get our 12 week scan book in.

After we had booked in at reception and handed over my notes, we seemed to wait forever and our appointment time came and went. We eventually got called in to what seemed like the smallest room ever with the ultrasound machine, a bed and two chairs. The sonographer told Matt to sit in the chair and then asked me to uncover my belly and lay on the bed. She squirted the jelly on the wand and got to work looking for our baby. IMG_3131She found it and pointed it out to us on the screen and showed us the area where the heart was beating, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I didn’t know what to say. I was so happy that everything looked ok. We had agreed to have the nuchal tests done that check for certain conditions in the baby so the sonographer turned the screen back round to take some measurements from thebaby to ananlyse but it was laid in such an awkward position that it was impossible to get them. I ended up being asked to get off the bed and jump on the spot to move the baby into a better position. Luckily it worked!

We were sent back to the waiting room while the sonographer got all our paperwork sorted and printed off our pictures and I still had to have a blood test as another part of the nuchal testing. The blood test was straightforward and the nurse let me know that if there was anything that didn’t seem right I would get a phone call but if there was nothing to worry about, I would get a letter saying this to put in my maternity notes (I got a letter about three weeks later). I had my notes returned to me and inside were our scan pictures. When we got back to the car I couldn’t stop looking at that tiny little thing that would be here in no time at all and change our lives. I took a photo of the scan and sent it to our parents and our friends but we didn’t want to make a social media announcement just yet, we wanted to enjoy the fact that we had seen our baby and keep it to ourselves a little bit longer. I think we lasted maybe three days.We went into Leeds for tea on the Saturday after our scan and “accidentally” went into Primark in Trinity, we spent a small fortune on neutral essentials like vests and sleep suits. IMG_3135
It was great to start a collection of things that our little one would wear. The day after on the Sunday while sat having a coffee we decided that we were going to go social media official with our pregnancy and put together a little display of items. We had been bought a baby countdown plaque as a Christmas gift but were asked not to open it till we had been for our first scan and I had bought the baby a vest and given it to Matt as a gift with a race car on as we are a Formula One Fan family. We had so many likes and comments on our announcement photo, we were so grateful that people had taken the time to wish us well and made it a rememberable experience for us.



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