We Have Something to Tell You


The day after we found out that we were going to have a baby we were due to meet Matts parents  in Leeds Town Centre for the Christmas lights switch on and fireworks but we had agreed we would do something special to let them know, so didn’t
say anything to them that evening. It was so hard keeping it a secret and not letting it slip out as we were so excited.

Luckily we managed to keep it to ourselves and that weekend we went shopping. We bought a small Christmas box to put a few little things in that we had already got at home but couldn’t figure out just exactly how we were going to say, You’re going to be Grandparents! Back home with our thinking caps on Matt came up with the idea (looking on eBay) to buy a baby vest that said just that! Which he ordered.

So, now we had everything for our big reveal, it was time to organise an evening that Matts parents could come to our house. The vest arrived at our house on the Monday morning so Matt rang his parents to see if they wanted to come for a Sunday dinner (Yes, on a Monday!!), they were having a day out but said they could come straight to ours on their way home. We got together a nappy, a bottle, a dummy and the baby vest and packed them all into the Christmas box and wrapped it up with a ribbon to make it look
fancy. We love Christmas so it wasn’t an unusual thing to be giving a small Christmas gift so early.


We were in the kitchen cooking so we saw them when they pulled up to our house. I opened the front door to Matts Mum saying that they had bought us a small gift, to which I replied that we had one for them too. We sorted drinks and sat in the living room to exchange gifts. We opened first and had been bought a Yankee candle advent calendar with a tea light for every day and a  votive of my favourite “Christmas Eve” for the 24th. We then gave them their box. When they opened it and realised that we were telling them we were having a baby they were over the moon and so excited.

fullsizeoutput_641Later that night, after Matts parents had left and we had gone to bed we received a lovely message saying how happy they were at our news.

Matt being an only child made telling his immediate family very easy, so now that we had told his mum and dad it was time to tell my family. We had decided to do the same idea of a box with baby things and a vest in for my dad and stepmum, even though our baby would be grandchild number seven for them. They were on holiday for a couple of weeks so we waited till they had come back home, then went across to their house for dinner. In hindsight we should have told them as soon as we got to their house but we waited till we had eaten, or in my case pushed the food around my plate for 20 minutes. I was so nervous at telling my dad as I’m the youngest of three and quite often, even at 29, seen as the baby.  We gave my dad the box to start with and I explained that he had to look in it, not say anything and pass it to my stepmum. They too were over the moon that we were having a baby and were asking lots of questions and offering advice.

Next stop on the way home was to tell my mum. We had decided for everyone else we were going to do small cards that said we were having a baby and the rough due date, that we had worked out on the back. We gave the card in an envelope to mum and when she opened it almost jumped out of her seat asking if it was true. We explained that it was early days and still had to see the midwife for our first appointment but yes, two tests said it was true.

After this we started doing the rounds and telling a few other people, starting with my brother and sister. We also told our really close friends straight away as we were excited and wanted them to know as soon as possible and having had them in my life since high school and I wanted them to be involved with my baby right from the start.

Now we had told the people who we were closest to we were then waiting to tell extended family and other friends till we’d had our 12 week scan, just to make sure that everything was ok with the baby which was over Christmas & New Year which made keeping it a secret very hard as so many people were offering me alcoholic drinks. Thank goodness for working in retail and using the excuse that I had to get up early for work.


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