Are You Positive?

Welcome to my first blog post!! Quite appropriately it starts right at the beginning, us finding out we were pregnant with our little pud.

My gift from the beautiful Laura

It was the beginning of November and I had been feeling funny for a few days and even ended up having to have a day off work as I’d got a huge migraine that I just couldn’t shift. Back at work a few days later, still feeling iffy, I got home and decided I was going to treat myself to a bath with a bath bomb I’d received as a gift and a glass of wine (not actually thinking I could be pregnant). Sat on the edge of the bath I sent Matt a message that said “Get a pregnancy test on your way home from work xx” thinking we could rule that out as a reason for not feeling well.

Having had my soak and doing the test I slid it back into the foil wrapper and told myself not to look until the three minutes were up so I set my phone alarm and walked away from it feeling excited and nervous and probably a hundred other emotions too. When the alarm went off I became so overwhelmed I gave the test to Matt to look at first. As he pulled it out of the wrapper he asked me what it would look like if it was positive. I told him it should have a cross in the big frame. He smiled, shook his head and said I think we’re having a baby!!! I then pushed my glass of wine towards him and said “I think you better drink this then”, I had been so engrossed in watching youtube videos I had forgotten about it and had only had a couple of sips while the bath was running. Looking at the test the cross was really faint but we both could definitely see something.

We wrap our Christmas movies so we don’t argue over what we watch, whatever we pull out, thats our movie

To be certain Matt offered to go back to the supermarket to get a digital test once we had eaten our dinner.While we were having our dinner I couldn’t settle and I had a million and one thoughts bouncing around my head. Would I
be a good mum, What would our baby be like, Would it be a boy or girl, What would we name it. When Matt came back from Asda he handed me the box and off I trotted to the toilet. Three minute alarm set and feet back up in the living room.We were having our first Christmas movie marathon with Christmas themed snacks and drinks, a tradition that we do every year as soon as the shops start selling them.

Our tests

The suspense was killing me so when the alarm finally went off and the digital test confirmed that we WERE pregnant both Matt and I were over the moon and the reason that the linewas quite faint was that we were only just pregnant, the digital reading 1-2 weeks.

I remember not crying, just sitting quietly, processing all the thoughts and questions that I’d had earlier. Neither of us were actually watching the Christmas movie we had put on, we were both on the internet looking at baby things and ideas of how to tell people particularly our parents that they were going to be grandparents, which for Matt’s parents would be for the first time so we knew it had to be something special…






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